How It Works

Easy 3 steps so you can spend less time craving for pies and more time eating pies. You choose a plan, which pie flavours you want and we'll have it delivered to your doorstep. Then just heat and eat. It's that simple!

1. Choose Pie Plan

We have pie plans suitable for 1 person living in a condo up to families eating pies regularly. Select the pie plan that best represents your needs and then have some fun and customize your plan!

Family Pie Plan
Family Pie Plan
Individual Pie Plan
Individual Pie Plan

2. Await Delivery

We're all about making things easy.  We ship the first Tuesday of every month, right to your doorstep in the East end of Toronto. Check if you are in our Delivery area.

3. Heat and Eat

This is of course the most important step! We've done our part, now the pressure is on you.
Please, check out our Baking Instructions page.

Get fresh pies every month

Now, you will automatically get new pies delivered every month. Don't worry, you're never locked in, you can make changes, suspend or cancel at anytime before your next billing date, so there's no risk involved.
If you have any questions, contact us or visit our FAQ page.