Frozen pies delivered to your doorstep. Orders received by noon on Sunday will be delivered Tuesday. Orders received by noon on Wednesday will be delivered Friday. We're always expanding so join our newsletter to receive information on new delivery areas.

Delivery Fees

Durham Region

Delivery Fee: $7.95

L1M, L1S, L1T, L1Z, L1V, L1W, L1X, L1Y, L1N, L1P, L1R, L1G, L1H, L1J, L1K, L1L, L9P, L0B, L1B, L1C, L1E, L0H, L0C, L0A, L0E


Delivery Fee: $12.95

L0L, L4M, L4N, L9J, L9X

Cottage Country

Delivery Fee: $14.95

K9N, K9A, N3Y, K9H, K0L, K0M, P1L, P1H, P1P, P0B, P0C, P0E, K0H, K0K, L9Y, L9L, L9R, L9S, L9T, L9V, L0M, L0L, L9Z

Golden Horseshoe

Delivery Fee: $12.95

L9W, L0J, L6Z, L7C, L7E, L0G, L3Z, L9V, L9P, L1E, L3C, L3B, L3Z, L9R, L7L, L7M, L7N, L7P, L7R, L7S, L7T

Toronto - GTA

Delivery Fee: $7.95

L3P, L6C, L6E, L6G, L3R, L3S, L6B, M1B*, M1C*, M1E*, M1G*, M1H*, M1J*, M1K*, M1L*, M1M*, M1N*, M1P*, M1R*, M1S*, M1T*, M1V*, M1W*, M1X*, M2H*, M2J*, M2K*, M2L*, M2M*, M2N*, M2P*, M2R*, M3A*, M3B*, M3C*, M3H*, M3J*, M3K*, M3L*, M3M*, M3N*, M4A*, M4B*, M4C*, M4E*, M4G*, M4H*, M4J*, M4K*, M4L*, M4M*, M4N*, M4P*, M4R*, M4S*, M4T*, M4V*, M4W*, M4X*, M4Y*, M5A*, M5B*, M5C*, M5E*, M5G*, M5H*, M5J*, M5K*, M5L*, M5M*, M5N*, M5P*, M5R*, M5S*, M5T*, M5V*, M5W*, M5X*, M6A*, M6B*, M6C*, M6E*, M6G*, M6H*, M6J*, M6K*, M6L*, M6M*, M6N*, M6P*, M6R*, M6S*, M7A*, M7Y*, M9L*, M9M*, M9N*, M8V*, M8W*, M8X*, M8Y*, M8Z*, M9A*, M9B*, M9C*, M9P*, M9R*, M9V*, M9W*, L4T, L4V, L4W, L4X, L4Y, L4Z, L5A, L5B, L5C, L5E, L5G, L5H, L5J, L5K, L5L, L5M, L5N, L5P, L5R, L5S, L5T, L5V, L6H, L6J, L6L, L6M, L4B, L4C, L4E, L4S, L4V, L6P, L6R, L6S, L6T, L6V, L6W, L6X, L6Y, L6Z, L7A, L0P, L6H, L7J, L9E, L9T, M3V, M9V, M9W, L3T, L4J


Not ready for commitment? Running low on pies? Don't worry! You can find Sharman's Proper Pies store front at  1972 Danforth Avenue. Try us out and then you can choose your plans online. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.