**Once your order has left our warehouse we cannot cancel or refund your order.**

We are happy to announce that our delivery zones have expanded by over 70%. We now offer delivery to the majority of the population of Ontario with even more zones available in 2023.

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Our delicious Frozen Pies are delivered to your door up to 2 times per week, depending on your zone. Please allow 2 to 4 days for delivery and be sure to check our zones for your delivery days.  Sorry we cannot accommodate specific dates and time requests for deliveries.

Delivery Fees


Delivery Fee: $14.00

L7J***, L1S***, L1T***, L1Z***, L1M***, L9R***, L7K***, L0N***, L9W***, L9V***, L9G***, L9K***, L9H***, L0B***, L4G***, N0B***, L9J***, L0G***, K8N***, K8P***, L7E***, L7C***, L1C***, L1E***, L3Z***, L6Y***, L6P***, L7A***, L6V***, L6Z***, L6T***, L6X***, L6W***, L6S***, L6R***, L4T***, N3T***, L0H***, L7T***, L7L***, L7P***, L7N***, L7M***, L7S***, L7R***, N3W***, L0P***, L0R***, L4A***, L1Y***, L9Y***, L4K***, L0L***, L9N***, M4K***, M4C***, M4G***, M4J***, M4B***, M4W***, M4H***, M3C***, M4A***, M4P***, M8V***, M9P***, M9R***, M8W***, M9C***, M8Y***, M9V***, M9W***, M8X***, M9A***, M8Z***, M9B***, M6P***, L8B***, L7G***, L0C***, N1E***, L8K***, L8P***, L9C***, L8L***, L9B***, L8V***, L8T***, L8M***, L9A***, L8H***, L8R***, L8S***, L8E***, L8W***, L8N***, L8G***, L8J***, L9E***, L4P***, L7B***, K7P***, N2E***, N2P***, L4H***, L0J***, N6P***, L6A***, L3P***, L6B***, L6C***, L3R***, L6E***, L3S***, L6G***, L4R***, L9T***, L5C***, L4Y***, L5H***, L5B***, L5R***, L5N***, L5M***, L5G***, L5L***, L4W***, L5E***, L5A***, L5J***, L4X***, L4Z***, L5V***, L5T***, L4V***, L5W***, L5K***, L5S***, M7R***, L5P***, L1B***, L3X***, L3Y***, M2M***, M2N***, M3H***, M9L***, M2R***, M2J***, M3J***, M5M***, M5N***, M6L***, M4N***, M6B***, M3A***, M2K***, M6M***, M9M***, M6A***, M2L***, M9N***, M3K***, M2H***, M3M***, M3N***, M3B***, M3L***, M2P***, M6E***, M1R***, M7A***, M1L***, M4R***, L6J***, L6H***, L6L***, L6M***, L6K***, L1H***, L1L***, L1J***, L1G***, L1K***, K0A***, N3L***, K8H***, L1V***, L1X***, L1W***, P0V***, L1A***, L9L***, K7V***, L4C***, L4E***, L4B***, L4S***, L3T***, K4K***, M1V***, M1H***, M1B***, M1W***, M1E***, M1S***, M1P***, M1K***, M1G***, M1M***, M1J***, M1N***, M1X***, M1C***, M1T***, M4E***, L2M***, L4J***, L2V***, M5V***, M5B***, M5A***, M5G***, M5P***, M6S***, M6K***, M5W***, M4S***, M5S***, M6C***, M4L***, M6H***, M4V***, M6J***, M5T***, M4T***, M5R***, M4Y***, M6G***, M5E***, M6R***, M6N***, M4M***, M5C***, M5H***, M5J***, M5K***, M5X***, M7Y***, M4X***, M5L***, L9P***, N2V***, L3B***, L3C***, L1P***, L1N***, L1R***, L4L***, L3L***, K0M***, L0E***

Central ON 1, Northwest ON 3, South ON 3

Delivery Fee: $17.00

L9R***, K0K***, K7N***, L9G***, L4G***, K0L***, L0E***, L4N***, L4M***, L9X***, L9J***, K0H***, L0K***, L0L***, K8N***, K8P***, K8R***, L0A***, L0B***, K0M***, L1C***, L1E***, L1B***, N3T***, K9J***, N7M***, K9A***, L9N***, L3M***, L9S***, L4P***, L7B***, K7P***, K7L***, L4H***, K9V***, L4R***, K7R***, L3V***, L1K***, L1H***, K9L***, L9M***, K9H***, K9K***, L1A***, L9L***, L4S***, N3Y***, L0C***, K8V***, N0B***, L9V***, L0M***, N0G***, N0C***, L9Y***, N3B***, N1M***, L9W***, L0N***, N1E***, N1H***, N0H***, L9E***, N3A***, L9Z***, L0R***, L0S***, L9K***, L6R***, N3V***, N3R***, N3S***, N3P***, N3W***, N3C***, N1S***, N3H***, N1T***, N1R***, N1P***, N3E***, N0A***, L9H***, N1A***, L2A***, L8B***, N1G***, N1C***, N1L***, N1K***, L9B***, L8E***, L8W***, L8K***, L8G***, L8J***, L9C***, N2K***, N2E***, N2M***, N2N***, N2R***, N2A***, N2B***, N2C***, N2P***, N2G***, N2H***, N2J***, N0E***, L2G***, L2J***, L2H***, L2E***, N3L***, K8H***, L3K***, N5L***, N0J***, L2M***, L2S***, L2P***, L2T***, L2R***, L2N***, L2W***, L2V***, N2V***, N2L***, N2T***, L3B***, L3C***

Northwest ON 2, South ON 2a, Central ON 2

Delivery Fee: $20.00

N0H***, N0G***, N0K***, L9Y***, N0C***, N4N***, N0B***, N4K***, N4W***, N4L***, L1X***, N2J***, N3A***, N0J***, N3T***, N0E***, N0A***, N4B***, N5C***, N0M***, N2E***, N2H***, N3Y***, N4X***, N4Z***, N5A***, N4G***, N2V***, N4S***, N4V***, N4T***, K0M***, K0H***, K0L***, K0K***, P0C***, P0B***, P1L***, K8R***, K8N***, K8P***, L0K***, P1P***, P0E***, P1H***, K9V***, L4R***, L3V***, K8H***, K9L***, K9H***, L1P***

Northwest ON 1, South ON 2b, Mid East ON, Central ON 3

Delivery Fee: $24.00

N0H***, N0G***, N0M***, N0K***, N7A***, N2Z***, N4W***, M4R***, N5H***, K8N***, N0L***, N0J***, N0E***, L9N***, N5C***, N5W***, N6C***, N6N***, N6L***, N6J***, N6H***, N5Y***, N6A***, N5Z***, N6K***, N6G***, N6E***, N5X***, N6P***, N5V***, N6M***, N6B***, N5L***, N4X***, N5R***, N5P***, N5A***, N4Z***, N4G***

South ON 1, Northern ON 2, Far East

Delivery Fee: $27.00

N0N***, N9V***, N9H***, N0R***, N0L***, N0M***, N0P***, N7M***, N7L***, N8M***, N9Y***, N9J***, N8H***, N6L***, N6N***, N9G***, N7V***, N7T***, N7S***, N7X***, N7W***, N7G***, N8N***, N8P***, N9K***, N8A***, N8R***, N9C***, N8W***, N9A***, N8S***, N9B***, N8X***, N9E***, N8Y***, N8T***, N8V***, P0M***, P0H***, P0G***, P2B***, P3L***, P3A***, P3P***, P3Y***, P1B***, P1A***, P1C***, P3C***, P3G***, P3E***, P3B***, P3N***,


Not ready for commitment? Running low on pies? Don't worry! You can find Sharman's Proper Pies store front at  1972 Danforth Avenue. Try us out and then you can choose your plans online. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.